I spent the last four years in a country I had no interest in, in a city I struggled and failed to befriend. I felt nothing but relief when I finally packed my bags and left, flipping London, Ontario (unLondon) from the plane, vowing never to set my foot there again.

Yeah, you bet I’m bitter. Four years is a long time. Four years of no work, no culture, no family, no friends, of nothing interesting going on; of a never ending suburbian, provincial nightmare instead. I found, as I always do, little pockets of comfort and beauty for my sanity to nest in but not enough to last me four years.

BUT I did my time, I payed my dues and I’m finally out of there. Back in Ireland, the country that I’d long ago decided would be mine, back in Dublin, the city, that I had once made my home. I intend to repeat this feat.

Now is the perfect time for rediscoveries. Time to walk the old routes, to see the familiar vistas, to accustom myself anew to the wiles of the winds and rains. Time to meet the old friends. And apparently also time to find this blog I set up some 6 years ago and then promptly forgot. The couple of posts I wrote back then don’t even seem like they belong to me so I cleared them all out.

Fresh start. I’m back where I feel I belong. Now I need to rediscover myself.



Long ago, soon again.

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