I reserve the right to withhold mercy

I reserve the right to withhold mercy

I do not relinquish anger

you do not have my forgiveness


you took away

the comfort of my skin

the safety of familiar streets

the peace in the night

the ease of touch

the friendliness of the world

the ready smile

the butterflies of thought


your shadows walk with me

the jagged edges of sudden movements

the sharp angles of unexpected sounds

the frost in the blood

when someone walks behind unseen

the neck so tense it’s about to break

the mind collapsing like a broken umbrella


I claw my way back

into the sunshine

each day

the anger propels me

you robbed me of so much

you’ll get nothing more

you, all of you, don’t get to win


as to the rest of you

don’t you dare

it’s not your place to absolve have mercy or forgive

in my name

you don’t get the right to speak

for the damaged beaten abused hurt

for yourself do what you have to do

whatever brings you peace


but I

withhold mercy

I don’t relinquish anger

and I do not forgive


7 thoughts on “I reserve the right to withhold mercy

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